Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Group?

Groups allow Biomarker Bridge Platinum members to easily share information across a shared interest. Within each group, members can discuss particular topics on a discussion board.  Groups can be made public or private within the Biomarker Bridge community.

What is a Forum?

Anyone can participate in discussions in the forums. These are usually themed by scientific discipline, but there are also many cross-disciplinary forums, as well as forums for a particular nationality, geographic location, or for more general interests. Join any forum, ask a question, and you're likely to get a useful answer from another member. You may even find potential collaborators.

What are Blogs?

A blog is a running commentary on a particular interest.  Blogs allow members to share their experiences (good and bad) to the Biomarker Bridge community. If you are interested in blogging on the Biomarker Bridge network, please contact: Julia Boguslavsky 

What is it mean to Tag?

Many items on the Biomarker Bridge are given keywords or “tags”, which allow you to link and search similar information across the site.  Platinum members can add tags to their profile, forums, blogs and groups to enrich the searchable capabilities on the site.

How can I contact a member of the Biomarker Bridge?

On your profile page, you have the option to allow others to contact you through the Biomarker Bridge via email (without revealing your email address.)  You can send an email to anyone who has opted into being contacted through the Biomarker Bridge. Guest members are able to view members, however unable to contact members.

How can I sponsor the Biomarker Bridge?

Brand your company as a thought leader in the global biomarker community by participating as an active Sponsor of CHI’s Biomarker Bridge. Showcasing your technologies, services and solutions to our highly targeted international audience can significantly impact their buying decisions and help you achieve your sales and business development objectives. A variety of opportunities including lead generation are available.

For more information, please contact:
Ilana Quigley, Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
781-972-5457 |




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